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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Borrowed Time chords?

Borrowed Time chords by Cuesh ... [Refrain] E G#m Loved one borrowed time A Will never be yours nor mine E G#m I need you like youe need me A B A Where I oughta be [Chorus] E B Oh, it's good to be true C#m A If our hopes and dreams come true E B C#m Wish that I have more of this borrowed time A If only it would last a lifetime ...

Is the Ebmaj7 chord a borrowed chord?

If, at some point in the song, the Ebmaj7 chord appears, we quickly identify that it is not part of the key of C major but of the key of C minor. As C minor is the parallel of C major, we conclude that Ebmaj7 is a Borrowed Chord of the parallel mode.

Is it easy or difficult to learn borrowed modes?

In theory it is easy, but in practice you must be thinking that it is difficult, because we need to identify very quickly what was the borrowed mode to know which tonality or scale to use. This is actually true.

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