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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 72rpm so popular in PvP?

It’s a 72rpm which can roll the insane combo of Snapshot/Opening Shot. This combination of insane range + opening shot can lead to some very forgiving heasdshots. Also, 72rpm’s can take advantage of the many damage buffs currently available in game and frequently 1 shot body. Special mention for two perks.

Are there any god rolls for season 14 weapons?

In case you’re still chasing Season 14 weapons, these are all the god rolls for Season of the Splicer’s legendary weapons: TBC once it's available.... For a more detailed breakthrough of some of the top weapons from Season 14, this is what some of our favorite content creators had to say:

Is the multikill clip good for PvP?

This synergizes ridiculously well with Multikill Clip, which will ensure that as long as you stay alive, enemies will be shredded without much problem. In PvP, I wanted to make sure the gun felt consistent over anything else.

Should I get tireless or Vorpal weapon?

Tireless gives you ammo on heavy attack kills, something you'll be doing a lot. Vorpal Weapon gives this Sword a 15% multiplicative damage bonus against Champions and bosses. You could replace Vorpal with Surrounded, but the consistency of Vorpal is too good to pass up.

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