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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you borrow magazines from libraries?

They let you borrow not only physical books, but also digital content like e-books, audiobooks and -- surprise, surprise! -- digital magazines. It's true: Many libraries have partnered with RBdigital (formerly Zinio for Libraries) to offer electronic 'zines you can check out and read on a variety of devices.

How do I get free digital magazines from my library?

How to get free digital magazines from your library. If your library allows it, you can read a huge selection of magazines on your phone, tablet or PC -- all at no charge. RBdigital is the gateway to free digital magazines from your library. Public libraries are so awesome.

How do I check out magazines on RBdigital?

Any magazines you've already checked out should be waiting for you. Alternately, you can tap the Menu button and then Magazines to explore the collection and choose titles to check out. RBdigital may not be perfect, but if you like magazines and want to read them for free, well, it's time to renew that library card.

How do I sign up for RBdigital?

First, visit your local library's website (via your desktop browser) to see if there's any mention of RBdigital. If so, you'll need your library card number and password to get through the registration process, which should be accessible via that site.

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