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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Borowitz Report?

Notes: The Borowitz Report is a satirical column from the New Yorker, written by Andy Borowitz.

Who is Andy Borowitz and what did he do?

Andy Borowitz is an American writer, comedian, satirist, and actor. Borowitz is a New York Times -bestselling author who won the first National Press Club award for humor. The Borowitz Report is mostly political satire that pokes fun at conservatives.

What is Andy Borowitz's New Yorker tagline?

Last week, the magazine changed the tagline of Andy Borowitz’s popular online satirical humor column, which consistently tops The New Yorker’s trending chart, from “the news, reshuffled” to the more blunt “not the news” and added a banner to prominently display the new tagline when the posts get shared on social media.

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