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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BookIT still in business?

Chalkboard is not the only startup striving to become the social platform for sports betting. Betsperts and Bookit Sports are also working to assume that role. Benjie Cherniak (principal, Avenue H Capital) said he could envision a company serving that purpose.

Is BookIT out of business?

On Tuesday, BookIt reportedly laid off 80 employees. According to Panama City news source WECP-TV, mass cancellations due to coronavirus forced BookIt to go out of business. BREAKING: We have been told by a supervisor at that because of trip cancellations the company has shut down as of today.

Is BookIT legit?

Save. As noted, they are legit. I see a lot of posts about bookings for places like Cancun, for example. I believe they've been in business some time. In addition to doing a search on TripAdvisor, also do a google search < reviews> and read some of those.

What happened to BookIT? has not responded to any press or customer inquiries and with the website still up and running, we can’t definitively say the site is out of business. Mass cancellations and demand drop off will affect the travel industry for months to come and Bookit likely succumbed to the disastrous effects of COVID-19.

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