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Frequently Asked Questions

Is JetBlue a good airline?

JetBlue is overall a good airline to fly, especially to vacation destinations in the United States. Booking flights is easy and the prices are reasonable.

Which airlines partner with JetBlue?

JetBlue has several airline partnerships, notably with Aer Lingus, Lufthansa. It has an interline agreement with many airlines, including American Airlines, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Air China.

Is JetBlue reliable?

JetBlue is reliable but you never know about delays. If these are two separate tickets then the airline you're flying back to SA on would have no responsibility if you missed your flight. If the flights are booked as a single itinerary then the airline from JFK to SA would have to accommodate you on the next flight with available seats.

Where does JetBlue fly direct from Boston?

JetBlue has officially begun its new direct service from Boston to several destinations in the Caribbean. On Saturday, the carrier launched new weekly service from Boston to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, along with a Saturday flight from Boston to St Lucia.

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