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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Bohus?

On 1 January 1590 James VI of Scotland and his wife Anne of Denmark came to Bohus. They gave Henrik Gyldenstierne, Captain of Bohus, a ring and a gold chain worth 3,000 Danish dalers. In 1593–1604, similar to the construction then undertaken at Akershus in Oslo, Bohus was upgraded to a bastion fortress. A new outer fortification was raised.

Where is Bohus Fortress in Sweden?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Bohus Fortress (also known as Baahus or Båhus, originally: Bágahús) lies along the old Norwegian–Swedish border in Kungälv, Bohuslän, Sweden, north east from Hisingen where the Göta river splits into two branches (20 km (12 mi) north of Gothenburg).

What is Bohus Stickning?

The knitwear was characterized by multi-colored patterns in angora or wool blended yarn, knitted in a combination of purl and knit stitches to make a unique design. Bohus Stickning became synonymous with quality and high fashion.

What language do they speak in Bohuslän?

In Bohuslän a variety of the Götaland dialect of Swedish is spoken. The province was a part of Norway until 1658 as mentioned above. Traces of Norwegian remain in the dialect. 'Bohuslän', literally means the 'Fief of Bohus', referring to Bohus Fortress and län.

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