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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any yachts for sale in Vermont?

YachtWorld now offers 49 yachts for sale in Vermont from experienced boat dealers and yacht brokers and new boat dealers who can often offer yacht financing solutions and extended boat warranties. Of these listings there are 0 new watercraft and 49 used boats and yachts for sale right now.

How much does a sailing boat cost in Vermont?

Sailing boats are more common than motor-powered yachts in Vermont with 13 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 38 listings for sailboats. Prices for yachts in Vermont start at $4,700 for the lowest priced vessels, up to $624,900 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of $38,250.

Are powerboats more common than sailboats in Vermont?

Powerboats are more common than sailboats in Vermont with 33 powerboats listed for sale, versus 2 listings for sailboats. The most common propulsion system on powerboats in Vermont is inboard/outboard, inboard, outboard, outboard-2S and other while the majority of powerboats listed have gas, diesel and other fuel systems.

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