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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there fishing in Hawaii?

Fishing on Kauai. Deep sea fishing on Kauai can land a variety of species including the famed Hawaiian ‘ahi which actually consists of two different tuna species, yellowfin and bigeye. Other notable species found in Pacific waters that will earn you bragging rights include mahimahi, wahoo ( ono ), Pacific blue marlin and hebi (shortbill spearfish).

What is a commercial fishing boat?

Fishing boats are designed and used for catching fish in both salt and fresh water. Commercial fishing boats are used for deep sea fishing excursions. Some commercial boats are equipped with nets or traps that can catch a large number of fish at once. Mahi-mahi, a popular type of sport fishing fish.

What are the types of fishing boats?

The description of a commercial fishing boat can cover many different types. Three of the most common fishing boats are the Purse Seiner, Crabber, and Troller. Purse Seiner is a commercial fishing boat used to catch salmon (mainly pink salmon) or herring by encircling them with a net and then drawing the bottom closed, thereby catching the fish.

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