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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there fishing in Alaska?

Willow Creek Confluence. This confluence is one of the most popular fisheries in South Central Alaska. Located about 60 miles north of Anchorage on the Parks Highway, it offers excellent fishing for four of the major salmon species: kings, silvers, chums and pinks. It also features big rainbows (up to 30 inches) and Dolly Varden,...

What is an Alaskan boat called?

The umiak is a type of boat used by the Yupik and Inuit peoples. It is a skin-covered vessel still commonly found in whale-hunting villages in Alaska.

What is Alaska fly fishing?

Alaska Fly Fishing. In those images is a sense of something pristine and untouched, where isolation and solitude allow for focus and a clearing of the mind. The Hoodoo River on the Alaska Peninsula is one of the State’s last untouched sport fishing destinations, and one of the only places where fly fishing for king salmon is suitable.

What is a commercial fishing boat?

Fishing boats are designed and used for catching fish in both salt and fresh water. Commercial fishing boats are used for deep sea fishing excursions. Some commercial boats are equipped with nets or traps that can catch a large number of fish at once. Mahi-mahi, a popular type of sport fishing fish.

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