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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the boat laws in Florida?

Florida law requires anyone 21 years old or younger to take an approved boating safety course and earn a boating safety ID care to operate a boat with 10 horsepower or more. Boaters 21 and under must carry the ID card and a photo ID while operating a powerboat or personal watercraft.

Where to buy a yacht?

Where to find a yacht to buy. Below are some of the best websites to get a good deal and price on your future yacht. YachtWorld and its local market websites are for finding boats online advertised primarily by yacht brokers.

What is a bill of sale on a boat?

Boat bill of sale form is a legal document that transfers the title of ownership of a boat with all rights and interests from one individual to another, that is, from the seller to the buyer. Bill of sale form for boat has the essential information to show that the transaction of selling or buying a boat took place.

What is a commercial fishing boat?

Fishing boats are designed and used for catching fish in both salt and fresh water. Commercial fishing boats are used for deep sea fishing excursions. Some commercial boats are equipped with nets or traps that can catch a large number of fish at once. Mahi-mahi, a popular type of sport fishing fish.

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