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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to attend a boarding school?

7 reasons why you should go to boarding school Learn a new language (and practice many others). Studying overseas already means speaking a different language. ... Study with the best and most famous educational systems around the world. ... Extra-curricular activities to enjoy your free time. ... You will get to live away from home. ... Libraries and media centres are well-stocked. ... More items...

What is the best boarding school in the US?

Our boarding school review, herein, will give you the most insight into the admissions process for some of America's best boarding schools such as: Phillips Exeter Academy. The Lawrenceville School. Phillips (Andover) Academy. St. Paul's School. Milton Academy. Groton School. St. Albans School.

What is boarding school really like?

Boarding school offers a uniquely supportive environment . No other education environment presents readily available professional guidance around the clock. Teachers are present on campus until curfew (or even after) and they are there to help. In fact, boarding school is a uniquely rigorous and demanding environment for teachers as well as students. Fellow students and peers are always there to share the load of personal challenges or double the joy of successes

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