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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of board games that use PNP?

For example, Lines of Action, are sort of PnP as a commercial edition is hard to find, yet really all you do is print rules and use a check set. Other games, like Ketchup, at least require a specific board printed.

What are 9 card nanogame PNP games?

Games (expansions, promos, etc.) entered in any of the "9 Card Nanogame PnP Design" contests. The games in this family were all entries in the 9 Card Nanogame PnP Design Contest. The games have a variety of themes and mechanics but all are printable on exactly 9 cards. These games are all designed by BGG users for the contests.

What's your new PnP game that just came out?

This is a geeklist for people to post their new PNP games that have JUST been put out. It's hard to find new PNP games sometimes, since they get overlooked, but here you'll always be able to find them. 1. Board Game: Airborne in My Pocket [Average Rating:6.97 Overall Rank: 5812] A PNP solo card and tile game, about paratroopers in WWII. Loading...

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