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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell a game on the BoardGameGeek marketplace?

Search for the game using the QuickSearch function on the sidebar menu. Look for the BoardGameGeek Marketplace section on the game listing and click on "Sell Yours Now!" Fill out the "Sell Game" form - put in your price, condition, shipping details, and payment details.

How much does it cost to list on BoardGameGeek?

Sellers can list items on BoardGameGeek indefinitely at no cost. When you sell an item, BoardGameGeek charges a 3% commission on the sale price of the game. The 3% is only calculated on the base price of the game and does not include the shipping cost.

How do I sell items on the Geek market?

Go the the Market under the Bazaar tab ( or go directly to ) - then click Sales on the side bar and then Latest to see a list of your sales. Click the transaction ID# for the sale and then click the Confirm button on the transaction page. If you can't sell the items you must cancel the order.

How do you play in the public market?

In Public Market players bid on and draft tiles to play into an ice chest. Once the ice chest is full, players can go to the market to sell their latest catch based on the current market values and to complete contract goals. They then get a new ice chest and go back out on the open water to fulfill new contracts.

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