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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BoardGameGeek?

BoardGameGeek is a mobile app for accessing information from, a website dedicated to providing information on board games and tabletop games. The app allows you to discover new games, and learn about old ones, all whilst on the go.

Is there a BGG app for Windows Phone 7?

Mobile BGG for Windows Phone 7. justmarks created a new Windows Phone 7 application available on the marketplace called Mobile BGG. Using the XML_API, it has an optimized mobile experience that gives you the ability to: Search for games. View description and detailed information of games. View the Top Games on BGG.

What is BGG and how do I use it?

BGG can be a useful tool when away from a computer. For example you can check game ratings on games found at flea markets, log plays during a game session, add interesting games to your wishlist for later consideration, etc. There are a few options for using BGG on mobile devices.

Where can I find the best BGG game search?

mkgray hosts a lightweight web version of the BGG game search This option is very simple and is almost guaranteed to work with any mobile web browser since it uses only basic text and has no complicated features.

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