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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boarddocs?

BoardDocs - A Diligent Brand Your board meetings just got faster, more productive, and more transparent BoardDocs, a Diligent brand, is the intuitive, easy-to-use paperless meeting management software that enables public school boards to achieve best-in-class governance with a modern approach. Learn More Request a Demo

How many organizations have trusted boarddocs?

Trusted by over 3,000+ organizations. We developed BoardDocs for the specific needs of municipalities, school systems and other public governing bodies. BoardDocs board management software allow administrators to significantly improve the way they create and manage board packets, access information and conduct meetings.

Why boarddocs for K-12 and community college boards?

With BoardDocs, a Diligent brand, K-12 and community college boards can improve transparency, efficiency and board effectiveness with a modern approach to governance Context-sensitive searching, with a meta search of public documents from similar organizations.

What is MCSD’s boarddocs?

MCSD is leveraging the Internet to enhance governance and provide a basis for better communication with the public. A new eGovernance initiative, BoardDocs, is replacing the old method of compiling, printing, binding and distributing a limited number of paper meeting documents with electronic distribution.

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