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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a Board of Education?

The general responsibilities of the Board of Education are to: Represent the voting public in making decisions regarding schools, school policies and education, etc. Help establish the goals and objectives of the District's educational program. Assist the administration with improving and enhancing the quality of education offered by the District.

What does the Board of Education do, exactly?

The board of education also: Prioritizes and approves the budget for the school district. Has the final say on hiring school personnel and/or terminating a current employee in the district. Establishes the vision that reflects the overall goals of the community, staff, and the board. Makes decisions on school expansion or closure. More items...

Which board is best for Education?

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Do Board of Education members get paid?

However, working as a school board member usually does not pay the bills. In Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado, state laws ban school districts from paying board members, and states including Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana and Missouri pay only a $100 to $200 monthly stipend or per diem plus expenses.

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