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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blitz and how does it work?

Before each match, Blitz auto-imports optimal setups into your game and gives you the lowdown on your teammates and opponents. Blitz tells you which goals to achieve and shows your progress towards achieving them in-game, in real-time with overlays.

Is Blitz allowed in valorant?

Blitz’s Valorant product is 100% compliant with Riot Games’ terms and conditions and is in no way considered cheating whatsoever. Everything Blitz offers is completely acceptable to Riot Games, and is entirely focused on enhancing your gaming experience without giving you an unfair advantage. How do I install Blitz? Installation is quick and easy.

How do I download and install the latest version of Blitz?

Now head over to, download and install the latest version. Open your finder, press Command + Shift + G, enter ~/Library/Application Support/, remove the Blitz directory. Open your applications directory and delete the

What is in-game overlays Blitz?

In-Game Overlays Blitz tells you what goals to achieve and delivers them to you directly in game with overlays.

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