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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bill's pizza shop?

After opening its doors in 1958, Bill's Pizza Shop has proudly been making their famous Italian roast beefs and thin crust pizzas for Stevens Point, Wisconsin. With many early years of testing, our recipes have been perfected and remain tasting as wonderful as before.

What kind of pizza does Bill's pub in Iowa have?

I moved to iowa 7 years ago and everytime im back in mundelein i have to stop and go to bills pub, love the double decker pizza and italin beef! Been going there for 30 years. Classic pub style pizza, throw peanut shells on the floor kind of place.

How did Bill’s get its name?

The very first Bill’s was on High Point Road. It included a bar, which inspired the name. This part of the restaurant, the pub, was host to many young people who frequented it for the great food, beverage and social atmosphere. You came for dinner and stayed for pinball.

What is the best thing to eat at bill's on Saturday nights?

Cheese and sausage thin crust is the best! Bringing a cooler to take some back to Ohio! When I was a kid my parents would order Bill's on Saturday nights since it first opened. Later in life I moved to Mundelein so I would frequent often. In 2008 I moved to McHenry.

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