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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Bill’s story begin?

“Bill’s Story” wastes no time, beginning with its author’s introduction to liquor upon his return from the First World War. He had been warned before that alcohol could be a dangerous mistress, but he had always failed to heed the warning. The same was true when he later visited Winchester Cathedral in England and discovered a tombstone which read:

What can we learn from Bill's story?

Parts of his story are quite harrowing, but many of us have certainly had similar experiences. It is through “ Bill’s Story ” that we are able to learn that the man who started a program that has helped hundreds of thousands of struggling alcoholics began as a man who was just like the rest of us—scared, vulnerable,...

Can “Bill’s story” change the world?

Hopefully, you can see something of yourself in “Bill’s Story” while taking solace in the fact that AA already exists. You do not need to change the world, but simply help the addicts and alcoholics that you are able to reach by sharing your own experiences in addiction and recovery.

What is the setting of Bill’s story?

A fair amount of “Bill’s Story” takes place during the Great Depression. (Everett Historical/Shutterstock) We often say that addiction is a family disease, and that is true in “Bill’s Story” as well. With few options, he went to live with his wife’s parents.

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