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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Bill's Donuts?

A tradition since 1960, the shop founded by Bill and Faye Elam originated in downtown Dayton. Through the years, Bills Donut Shop has moved numerous times. In the 1970’s, there were multiple locations in the Dayton area including the cities of: Vandalia, Wilmington, Kettering, and Huber Heights.

Why are Bill's cake donuts so good?

These donuts are so good because their cake donut itself is superior. They taste like deep fried CAKE. They are light, never heavy. That's the secret! When they combine a delicious cake donut with a sweet icing - Eureka! Bill's doesn't try to cover up an inferior tasting donut with lots of gooey icing hoping that will make up for the donut itself.

How often do you pick up donuts from Bill's?

"We pick up donuts from Bill's every Friday. When we miss a day everyone is quick to notice!"

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