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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bill's Cafe serve Lunch Online?

Thank you San Jose community! Bill's Cafe has been serving breakfast and lunch to communities in San Jose for over 30 years. We offer online ordering and carryout at any of our 10 locations.

Is there a bill's Cafe in Fremont?

When I found out we also have a Bill's Cafe in Fremont, of course, I had to try it. They are open for indoor and outdoor dining. There's a little wait on a Saturday morning, but not too bad. The wait is longer if you want outdoor dining, just because there are fewer seats.

Should I start my review of Bill's Cafe?

Start your review of Bill's Cafe. Everything was delicious, but the reason this place is getting a 4 is because of the tiny ass bathroom and the only urinal that was made for someone that's under 5' tall and all the urine on the floor wasn't fun but besides that everything was I really like this place.

What is a bill's brunch?

A bit of old-school diner and California fresh cuisine with a Mexican kick. Bills used to be a happening brunch spot because of their liquor license. Since just about every restaurant serves booze in the morning now, they had to improve their environment and quality of food.

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