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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Biker mean?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word biker. A person who rides a bicycle. A person whose lifestyle is centered on motorcycles, may be a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. How to pronounce biker?

What biker gangs are in Texas?

The Cossaks biker gang, which is based in Texas, is said to be affiliated with the Hell's Angels -- the largest biker gang in the country. The Bandidos, another gang involved in the incident, is the second-largest biker gang in the U.S., with nearly 3,000 members in a dozen countries.

Are You a biker or a rider?

If you ride a bike you are a rider and a biker. There are different levels. You can be casual, (riding/biking on occasion during good weather.) Enthusiast (Riding/biking couple times a week, reading the forums and magazines.) or hard core (Riding every single chance you can, be it raining sideways, 120 degree heat, or any other inconvieniance.

What to expect at a biker rally?

What to Expect at a Biker Rally. These are usually more leisurely rides than the races. A lot of rallies feature live entertainment. The bigger ones will usually have a headliner band or artist who is fairly well-known. They will also include a number of local musicians. In addition to music, rallies feature different contests, games,...

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