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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers good quality?

Are Skechers good quality? In general, Skechers is mainly known for their comfortable insoles or emphasis in comfort. Their designs may lackluster compared to other brands, but they are attempting to catch up; so there are definitely a few trendy gems others than their typical range of sneakers and sandals. Honestly, yes they are.

What are the most comfortable walking shoes for men?

The most comfortable walking shoes have a padded collar and tongue to help protect sensitive areas of the feet, reduce irritation and secure the fit of your most comfortable shoes. 6. The best and most comfortable walking shoes have a rubber and/or flared outsole to help you remain stable on your feet in any terrain.

Are Skechers good for walking?

Skechers Shape-ups are about the price of a good pair of athletic walking shoes, and less than some other brands of rocker-soled shoes. They come in both athletic and lifestyle styles. They are probably best used as comfort shoes rather than using them to train for walking events.

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