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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dogs Allowed in Utah National Parks?

More than 40 state parks in Utah allow pets. Dogs are allowed in all campgrounds and on most trails in state parks. The exception is Deer Creek State Park, where dogs are not allowed outside of the campground.

Are pets allowed in national parks?

Denali National Park. Pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet are allowed on the Park Road, in parking lots, or on campground roads. In general, pets are not permitted on park trails or off-trail in the wilderness; the exception is the Roadside Trail, where pets may be walked on leash.

What are the best dog parks?

Best Dog Parks in America. The name may have changed from Fleet Peeples Park to Lake Baldwin Park, but the popular dog park remains unchanged. Lake Baldwin Park is still a favorite spot in Central Florida and has been recognized as one of the top dog parks in the country. Pups will enjoy the park’s expansive stretch of land and beach,...

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