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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Kenwood car stereo?

The KDC-X998 is one of the best single DIN head units that Kenwood to offer – all things considered. Kenwood Excelon car stereos are all about sound quality. These receivers are very well-engineered, and everything about them is top-notch from the design and features to sound quality.

What is a home stereo system?

In a nutshell. A home stereo system includes two speakers for two good reasons. Most recordings have two separate and distinct channels. And you have two ears. When you listen in stereo, recorded music sounds more like a live performance. It's a feeling you won't get from a single wireless speaker.

What is a car stereo system?

The car stereo is the centerpiece of any car audio system. They look great in the dash and are full of useful features. Also known as a radio, receiver, or head unit, today's car stereo performs a variety of complex functions so that we can better enjoy our drive time.

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