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Frequently Asked Questions

What is njnjea?

NJEA is the premier labor union in the nation for serious educators and support professionals who want to protect and advance their careers. Make a difference. Advocacy is vital to the future of public education. Visit the Action Center to see how you can make a difference. Amazing SAVINGS on every day items, large purchases and travel DEALS.

What is the Bergen County Department of Health Services?

Welcome to the Bergen County Department of Health Services (BCDHS). BCDHS is dedicated to the health and well-being of our communities and employees. The pages on the navigation panel provide detailed information about each division of BCDHS, services and programs available and contact information.

Why should I join NJEA?

With NJEA, you are never alone, whether you are negotiating a contract, defending your rights or advocating for change. NJEA is YOU, along with 200,000 other members, committed to great public schools for every child.

Is there a NJEA webinar for retirement?

This NJEA webinar is ideal for members who will likely retire in the next five years. … Access NJEA’s professional development opportunities for all job categories. Order some SWAG for your classroom.

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