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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bergen County New Jersey?

Located in the northeastern corner of New Jersey and its Gateway Region, Bergen County is part of the New York City metropolitan area and is directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, to which it is connected by the George Washington Bridge . Bergen County is divided into 70 municipalities, but has no large cities.

How many boroughs were in Bergen County in 1894?

"For a period of sixteen years following the passage of this act few boroughs were organized in the State, only three of them being in Bergen County ... As it was twenty-six boroughs were in the county from January 23, 1894, to December 18, of the same year." ^ Staff.

Who is the new Prosecutor of Bergen County NJ?

^ Janoski, Steve. "Dennis Calo named acting Bergen County prosecutor, replacing Gurbir Grewal", The Record, January 16, 2018. Accessed February 25, 2018.

When did New Jersey become a province?

The English organized the Province of New Jersey in 1665, later splitting the territory into East Jersey and West Jersey in 1674. On November 30, 1675, the settlement Bergen and surrounding plantations and settlements were called Bergen County in an act passed by the province's General Assembly.

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