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Frequently Asked Questions

Are modular homes energy efficient in Colorado Springs?

If you’re considering Colorado Springs, Colorado as your moving location, don’t forget to keep your home’s energy efficiency in mind. Many areas of the country are now starting to more actively enforce energy efficiency standards with regard to home construction. Luckily, modular home construction is a natural fit for an energy efficient home.

What is Bonnavilla modular homes?

BonnaVilla® strives to offer a wide range of high quality homes with a large selection u0003of options. This is made possible only by qualified people, a strong and diverse parent company and continuous improvement. --> View Bonnavilla Models A division of Chief Industries, Inc.® What is Modular?

How much does a prefab home cost in Colorado?

In general, prefab home and modular home prices range from $90-$125 per square foot, depending on the finishes you choose, and the homes are even available in log-sided options. Looking to make Colorado your new home?

Why choose modular homes by Rocky Mountain Base Camp?

Rocky Mountain Base Camp can manage your project from inception to installation! If you are looking for a top quality, fast, easy build, look no further than Modular Homes by Rocky Mountain Base Camp. Today’s modular homes and manufactured homes are not “mobile homes” and are incredible structures built to last permanently.

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