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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of economic system does Belarus have?

Belarus has rich deposits of peat and small quantities of oil and natural gas. Most of the Belarus economy is state controlled. More than 51.2% of the population is employed by state run industries. According to the World Bank classification, the Belarus economy falls in the lower middle income category.

What is Belarus economic activity?

Belarus adheres to the socially-oriented model of the market economy when selective state control over some spheres of economic activity is maintained: over 50% of people are employed by state-owned companies. The country's economy is depended on Russia, which is the largest trading partner. Belarus traditionally obtains gas and oil from Russia.

Is Belarus a poor country?

Misperception #1: Belarus is poor and backwards; everything will feel gritty and rundown. It’s true.Belarus is a poor country. While it was one of the most economically advanced republics in the former Soviet Union, its economy declined rapidly after it became independent.

Is Belarus developed or developing?

Belarus is a country located in Eastern Europe with a high human development index and a diversified industrial profile. After the breakup of the USSR, Belarus preserved a relatively well-developed industrial base.

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