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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Belarus bear force?

Belarus Bear Force is a movement, an initiation against Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus. It is believed that Lukashenko is not fond of teddy bears. As an act of rebellion, freedom fighters started selling teddy bears online to showcase their dissatisfaction with Alexander Lukashenko.

Why are bears being sold in Belarus?

The revenue from the bears sold goes towards funding the fight for freedom against the tyrannical rule of the Belarusian president. Lukashenko considers himself the last dictator of Europe. Protest against the president is at its all-time high in Belarus.

What is the belarusbearforce hashtag?

BelarusBearForce is a trending hashtag post on Twitter that many followers are curious to know about. It all began when John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, was harshly critical of the European country, Belarus.

Where can I buy a teddy bear in Belarus?

The website is . 100% of the profits from sales will go to “organisations fighting for freedom of the press and human rights for the people of Belarus”. Can you get a teddy if you’re based outside the US? Per the Belarus Bear Force terms and conditions, only residents of the United States may purchase the teddy bears.

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