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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for BeenVerified?

The cost of BeenVerified will depend on if you're using the website-based version or the phone app. According to the official website, a one-month membership will cost $26.89 per month or $17.48 per month if you were to sign up for three months for the website version.

Is BeenVerified legitimate?

Is BeenVerified legit? BeenVerified appears to be legitimate, although there are some genuine concerns. For one, BeenVerified simply aggregates information that can be found online for free, puts the information into a report, and then charges you for the service.

Is been verified free?

The service is only free from the outset, since accessing any search results requires a paid membership. BeenVerified has no trial option at the moment, but the money-back guarantee offers a refund if unsatisfied with the report you got. BeenVerified agrees to give back your money if the report you've purchased returns without usable information.

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