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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for BeenVerified?

The cost of BeenVerified will depend on if you're using the website-based version or the phone app. According to the official website, a one-month membership will cost $26.89 per month or $17.48 per month if you were to sign up for three months for the website version.

Is BeenVerified legitimate?

Is BeenVerified legit? BeenVerified appears to be legitimate, although there are some genuine concerns. For one, BeenVerified simply aggregates information that can be found online for free, puts the information into a report, and then charges you for the service.

What does BeenVerified do?

BeenVerified collects data on anyone and everyone, applying the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) as a means to gather public records. BeenVerified maintains that it “offers people simple and affordable means to access public record data” by means of aggregating phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles,...

How does BeenVerified work?

About BeenVerified (from the business) BeenVerified's aim is to help people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. BeenVerified works to provide people with access to public information that was formerly only available to big companies and people with deep pockets in a way that is easy, affordable, and fast.

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