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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BeenVerified a legitimate site?

You can rest assured, is not a fraudulent website. However, it's your obligation to read the potential signs every time you are about to engage in an online business. Last but not least, remember that even the best businesses in the world have occasional complaints and unhappy consumers. How To Report a Scammer

How much does BeenVerified charge?

The cost of BeenVerified will depend on if you’re using the website-based version or the phone app. According to the official website, a one-month membership will cost $26.89 per month or $17.48 per month if you were to sign up for three months for the website version.

How much does BeenVerified cost?

The price of the BeenVerified services depends on whether you are using the phone app or the website-based version. From the official website, we found that the cost per month for the website version for a one-month membership will be around $28, while the three-month membership will entail a cost of almost $20 per month.

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