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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Bedsonline?

Bedsonline also offers exclusive travel agent benefits which include exclusive rates for a travel agent. Also, they provide tailor-made Promotions for customers by combining traveler trends with travel search, travel booking, and seasonality options.

What is the Bedsonline API?

The Beds online API helps travel agents to get the best accommodation search options for their enterprise by connecting them to the Bedsonline application. Travelopro is a leading travel technology company offering XML API integration to one of the world's best online accommodation providers-Bedsonline.

Who are the employees of Bedsonline?

Employees at Bedsonline Jordi Cerdó HEBERT Elodie Joao Costa GomesStrategic Sales Manager Portugal, Angola and Mozambique Javier Galí Clare White Fabio Dante Fazzina

Can you buy a bed online?

You can consider buying a bed online, thanks to different types of beds available easily. With so many bed designs available online, you might be confused with which bed to buy. Don't just fall for a bed's look, but also consider its functionality and its usage. It is essential to know what your requirements are.

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