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Frequently Asked Questions

Which bed size is the biggest in UK?

Standard UK Bed sizes - Bed size guide Single Bed Size (90cm x 190cm) Three Quarter/ Small Double Bed Size (120cm x 190cm) Double Bed Size (135cm x 190cm) King Size Bed Size (150cm x 200cm) Super King Size Bed Size (180cm x 200cm) Custom Bed Sizes

How big is an UK bed?

The range of British bed sizes is smaller than that of the US - and British beds themselves are usually smaller then their US version with the same name. Single Bed 36" 75" 36" x 75" Small, so easy to fit in. Often used for guest rooms. Double Bed 54" 75" 27" x 75" Barely wide enough for two adults - yet still surprisingly common in the UK

Does IKEA sell beds?

One example of such a store is IKEA who have their own standard of beds and mattress sizes . IKEA Bed Sizes. IKEA Bed/Mattress Size. Dimensions (Imperial) Dimensions (Metric) IKEA Single. 2'6" x 6'6". 90 x 200 cm. IKEA Double.

How big is a queen size bed UK?

An American Queen size bed measures 60" wide x 80" long and a UK King size bed measures 60" wide x 79" long. So UK King bedding will work fine on an American Queen, as the Queen is only 1" (2.5cm) longer.

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