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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy the best beds and mattresses in South Africa?

Take a look at Edblo beds and mattresses for sale online at The Mattress Warehouse to find the exact bed or mattress size that you need. Fabbro beds are regarded as some of the most luxurious in South Africa and are favored by premier hotels and guest lodges.

Who are the oldest bed stores in South Africa?

Beds Online was established in 2000 and stand as South Africa's oldest online bed store having served thousands of South Africans over these past 20-years. We offer the widest range of mattress brands in the country and deliver them nationwide.

Where can I buy a bed set online and in store?

You’ll find the biggest brands available both in store and online at Dial-a-Bed right now. We have great bed sets for sale from the best bedding manufacturers world-wide, with some excellent bed set specials happening each day. From Sealy to Tempur, you’ll find a wide variety of bed sets online and in store now.

What types of mattresses do we offer?

We offer a wide range of mattresses and beds for sale at affordable prices. Wooden, upholstered, leather and steel beds are available. Our mattresses are made from the finest materials and use the latest in sleep technology methods to ensure quality sleep and comfort. You can choose a spring mattress, memory foam or a combination of these options.

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