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Frequently Asked Questions

Do beds by George come with mattresses?

Answer: All Beds by George come with mattresses. What does the bed weigh? Answer: The bed itself weighs approximately 200 pounds. Both the bed and mattress ship bubble wrapped on a large pallet that weighs approximately 250 - 300 pounds. What is the lead time?

Who makes safebeds by George?

Beds By George, based in the USA, manufactures safety beds for children and adults that are designed to be beautiful pieces of household furniture as well as secure places for sleep. The company was started by Aaron Clow, a dad who wanted his daughter with special needs to have a bed that was safe and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Is rerehabmart an authorized beds by George dealer?

Rehabmart is an authorized Beds by George dealer! Want A Quote? Question About This Product? The Haven High Side Safety Bed with Full Mesh Sides and Ceiling is designed to provide ultimate safety and comfort for users with special needs.

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