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What are the different types of beds from the 1800s?

Beds From the 1800s 1 1800s Primitive Wood Country Beds. The natural wealth of America’s forests meant wood was plentiful for furniture building in the 1800s. 2 1800s Louis XV Style Beds. ... 3 1800s Iron and Brass Beds. ... 4 1800s Victorian Beds. ... 5 1800s Style Swing Bed. ...

What bed did George Washington sleep on in the Revolutionary War?

George Washington slept on foldable “camp beds” during the Revolutionary War. He used this bed-in-a-trunk when he traveled to upstate New York to check up on troop encampments toward the end of the fighting. It's currently on display at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

How do I request details about the beds by George®?

Call 604-821-0075 or request details about the Beds by George® using the form below. View our service area for Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island delivery. Learn More Question about the Beds by George® ?

How did people cover their beds in the 18th century?

Families covered their beds in layers and layers of blankets. In many homes in the 18th century, cotton or linen sheets, a counterpane (a.k.a. blanket or bedspread), and an intricately woven coverlet or embroidered quilt covered the bed.

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