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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the hittrax batting cage experience?

The HitTrax batting cage experience is currently only available at select stores. Grand Opening Dates and Hours! You entered a location that contains multiple results. Please select a location below.

What kind of pitching machines are in adadvantage baseball?

Advantage Baseball is equipped with seven (7) instructional cages and two (2) machine cages with Iron Mike pitching machines. The machine cages are set at speeds 45 mph and 55 mph and can be adjusted up to 80 mph with prior reservation from the Pro Shop or by calling us at (281) 550-2433.

Where can I find adadvantage baseball camps?

Advantage Baseball hosts a combination of camps, individual lessons and team training programs and conveniently located on the corner of Jackrabbit and West Road in Houston, Texas. Bring your entire team or come in for individual training.

Where can I try out for advantage baseball academy?

Advantage Baseball 2021 Fall Tryouts Tryouts will be at Advantage Baseball Academy- 8515 Jackrabbit Rd, Suite Q- Houston-Texas. Conveniently located in Cypress. Been here 15 years with our OWN facility.

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