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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to go to the batting cages?

3. A safe place to practice . A batting cage allows sports enthusiasts the chance to practice anywhere. Whether indoor or outdoor, having a batting cage in your facility allows your patrons to practice in a safe, regulated space.

Should I use my bat in the batting cages?

You should not use your new bat in the batting cage. Batting Cage Balls are made of a more dense material than is used in a regulation Baseball or Softball and will cause denting. Bat failure due to use in a batting cage is very obvious and is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Who has the best batting average in softball?

Ty Cobb holds the record for highest career batting average with .366, 9 points higher than Rogers Hornsby who has the second highest average in history at .358.

Can a softball damage a baseball bat?

Cold, dense baseballs or softballs will cause cracks on composite bats . Similarly, cold, dense baseballs cause damage aluminum bats, but they don't break or crack them. Instead, cold weather causes aluminum bats to dent at the point of impact.

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