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Frequently Asked Questions

What are batting cage jackets?

Cage Jackets are used by baseball players who want to stay limber during pregame batting practice. Cage Jackets are also used during infield/outfield practice and usually purchased in a color that matches the rest of the uniform.

What is batting cage in baseball?

A batting cage (or tunnel) is an enclosed area for baseball or softball players to practice the skill of batting . The optimal material for batting cages is netting, and they are typically rectangular in shape.

What is batting size?

Batting can be purchased by the yard in different widths or by the package ranging in size from craft size (36" x 45") to king size (120" x 120"). The patterns in this series give the size of the finished quilt; purchase a batting size that can be cut a little larger than these measurements.

What is batting machine?

Most batting machines are set up in a batting cage, a netted area that will contain the balls after they are hit. By using a pitching machine and a batting cage, hitters can get a huge number of batting reps without having to drag other players out to a baseball field or wear out the arms of team pitchers or coaches.

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