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Frequently Asked Questions

Do indoor batting cages come in different sizes?

Indoor batting cages can come in nearly any size or layout. To ensure you get the perfect cage for your facility work with our indoor batting cage experts. On Deck Sports can help design a custom shell net batting cage with divider curtains, fit your area with a retractable cages and more.

How many batting cage nets have been sold in the world?

In the last four decades we have sold over 250,000 Batting Cage Nets—making us easily the #1-selling batting cage net company in the world. Why? Because we listen very carefully to our customers' wants and needs.

What is the pipe in a jugs batting cage frame made of?

Every piece of pipe in a JUGS Batting Cage Frame is made of industrial-gauge galvanized steel. 2 5/16" Diameter Ground Sleeves and 2" Diameter uprights and cross...

How is a BCI batting cage net made?

Every BCI batting cage net is assembled using computerized sewing machines in our ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility. First the rope is woven... Our custom flat panels are available in a variety of widths. Minimum order (per cut) is for 20′ ordered by the linear foot, with rope borders top a...

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