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Frequently Asked Questions

Do indoor batting cages come in different sizes?

Indoor batting cages can come in nearly any size or layout. To ensure you get the perfect cage for your facility work with our indoor batting cage experts. On Deck Sports can help design a custom shell net batting cage with divider curtains, fit your area with a retractable cages and more.

What is the best retractable batting cage for a backyard?

AirCage Retractable Batting Cage - vertically raises to the ceiling in minutes, opening your sports facility for other activities. nCage In-Ground Batting Cage Frames - perfect for backyards to fields, including a full-suite of features to make installation easy and effective. Inserted into the ground for stability, yet portable!

How do I determine my batting cage net size?

When determining your batting cage net size, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the space around your net; particularly important for batting cage nets being installed indoors. Consider the Space Around Your Net Allow up to 5 feet between your net and spectators, or […]

What is a multi-lane batting cage?

This multi-lane batting cage system features sliding curtains, allowing quick conversion between individual lanes and a wide-open netting shell. Perfect for training facilities offering cross-training and multi-sports, such as baseball/softball, soccer, football, dodgeball, lacrosse, and even birthday parties!

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