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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Bangkok Post?

The Bangkok Post was founded by Alexander MacDonald, a former OSS officer, and his Thai associate, Prasit Lulitanond. Thailand at the time was the only Southeast Asian country to have a Soviet Embassy. The U.S. embassy felt it needed an independent, but generally pro-American newspaper to counter Soviet views.

What is the Bangkok Post iPhone app?

This Bangkok Post official iPhone application gives you Thailand's up-to-date news, top stories, news photos, videos, commentaries, features and plenty of useful information, such as Thailand's weather reports, stocks reports and daily exchange rates. You'll get fast and timely updates throughout the day at your fingertips.

What is the name of the newspaper in Bangkok?

The Bangkok Post is an English -language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand. It is published in broadsheet and digital formats. The first issue was sold on 1 August 1946. It had four pages and cost one baht, a considerable amount at the time when a baht was a paper note. It is Thailand's second oldest newspaper.

Who is the editor of the Bangkok Post?

The daily circulation of the Bangkok Post is 110,000, 80 percent of which is distributed in Bangkok and the remainder nationwide. From July 2016 until mid-May 2018, the editor of the Bangkok Post was Umesh Pandey. On 14 May Umesh was "forced to step down" as editor after refusing to soften coverage critical of the ruling military junta.

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