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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is bangbanggood?

Banggood is the shadiest online shop I have ever come in touch with…even paid a shipping insurance to make the shipment process from China more reliable…the package did not arrive and the tracking status clearly showed that is was returned and delivered back to the Sender.

Why is it called banggood?

The company name comes from the blending of two words that have the same meaning, one in Chinese and one in English. “Bang” translates to good in English, so Banggood would translate: good + good. Too good to be true? How is Able to Offer Such Stellar Prices, Though?

How does the banggood adware program work?

When launched, the program will display a window that contains numerous advertisements for products that can be purchased from the legitimate online merchant in order to make commissions for the adware developer.

Are You having issues with your banggood tracking number?

Our review found that the company apologizes for the issue and usually offers some sort of actionable solution (though it isn’t always what the customer is looking for). This is particularly true in cases where customers are having issues with their Banggood tracking number.

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