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Frequently Asked Questions

Is banggood a reliable store?

And the answer to the question is Yes, Banggood is reliable! A big company that has turned into a giant retail store that sends products to several countries in the world. In addition to being reliable, the store's products have warranty! Generally, all smartphones have 1 year of support where it is possible to send back and receive free repair.

Is banggood com safe? is one of the few sites that offers hassle-free returns policies so that it saves customers from scammers. These policies make legit and to use. But you still need to do your research to have a safe buying, because you cannot completely trust the supplier

Where are banggood shoes made?

Dear Efren R, all most products are made in China. Banggood is aimed at choosing the best supplier and product for customer from all over the world. Welcome to place an order. Thank you so much!

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