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Frequently Asked Questions

Is banggood a good online shopping site?

As a global online shop, Banggood provides well-selected products that are highly cost-effective. You can enjoy great deals while product quality is guaranteed. Millions of products, from consumer electronics to clothing, could be delivered to your front door with several clicks.

Where can I find the banggood package tracking number?

The BangGood package tracking number will be supplied by the seller and is usually found either in the purchase order confirmation email or on their order details on the BangGood website. In order to view the order details on the BangGood website, buyers will need to log in.

How many digits are in a banggood order number?

Usually Banggood order numbers consist of 9 digits, for example 27413756, 33139437. You can't track your goods using only order number, anywhere except the Banggood mobile app or web site!

What is banggood's user base?

Its user base is upwards of around 66 million and consumers using the platform are predominantly from North America and Europe. The platform is also expanding into newer markets, such as in Asia and South America. When the buyer orders from BangGood's online marketplace, there is a range of delivery options for products where shipping is available.

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