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Frequently Asked Questions

Is banggood a reliable store?

Is BangGood Safe? BangGood doesn’t feel safe to me given the complaints on their product quality and shipping issues. You can’t even reach out to customer service via phone, and the alternative seems to be all but reliable. But if you’re okay with buying cheap stuff that may probably be dead on arrival, then definitely knock yourself out.

Why is banggood so cheap?

By using Banggood you are effectively bypassing the global supply chain by purchasing directly from China, which is one of the reasons why Banggood is so cost-effective. Banggood sells products from hundreds of unrecognizable yet seemingly reputable brands exhibiting stellar reviews of no less than 4.7 stars. Let’s dive deeper.

Is banggood a safe website?

When visiting the site itself, you can feel good about the fact that Banggood is certified by Trustwave and McAfee Secure. McAfee further states that it has not detected any malware, malicious links, or phishing from Banggood’s website.

Is banggood a legitimate site?

For the most part, Banggood is a legitimate and reliable online marketplace. If you’re looking for a good deal, don’t care much about brand names, and have time to spare for shipping, Banggood is a great option. Have there been any reports of fraud on Banggood? There are no current reports of Fraud. Banggood is a certified trusted site.

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