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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate target price?

The formula to calculate the target price is: ( Price / Estimated EPS) = Trailing PE where Price is the variable we are solving for. For example, Facebook’s target price for 2020 is: Price / $8.17 = 32.89 where Price is equal to $268.71.

What's your stock's price target?

A price target is a price at which an analyst believes a stock to be fairly valued relative to its projected and historical earnings. When an analyst raises their price target for a stock, they generally expect the stock price to rise. Conversely, lowering their price target may mean that the analyst expects the stock price to fall.

What are analyst price targets?

Essentially, a price target is an individual analyst's expectation of the future price of a security, usually a stock.

What is target stock market?

Target prices are the anticipated prices that investors project a given stock or security will trade at within a specified time period. The target price can relate to both buying and selling stock other types of securities. Analysts may assess the target price of a given investment in the short term or the long term.

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