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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dividend stock fund?

Fidelity Strategic Dividend & Income (FSDIX) is one of the best dividend funds in the Fidelity lineup. The portfolio consists of about two-thirds large-cap U.S. large-cap stocks and the remainder of the holdings are allocated among foreign stocks, bonds, cash and convertible securities.

What is dividend stock investing strategy?

When choosing a dividend investing strategy, it is important to develop a long-term investor’s mindset. To the dividend investor, a share of stock is a living, breathing piece of a company, not solely a vehicle for capital appreciation.

What is dividend increases mean for stock's future?

Dividend signaling posits that dividend increases are an indication of positive future results for a firm, and that only managers overseeing positive potential will provide such a signal. Increasing a company's dividend payout may predict favorable performance of the company's stock in the future.

What is a dividend in a stock market?

A stock dividend is a payout of part of a company's profits in proportion to the number of shares each shareholder owns, paid in the company's own shares rather than in cash. When a company pays a stock dividend the value of each share of stock is not altered, as it is in a stock split.

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